11 March 2020

Exactly four years ago, we started blogging what we have been exploring and creating in geospatial big data analytics, cloud computing, property location metrics, hazard and risk modelling, etc.

So far, more than 50 blogs have been produced. Here we select and share top 10 blogs from the past two years.

We strive to develop new R&D directions and innovative applications, especially with the use of modern cloud computing technologies, such as web APIs, web Apps and web mapping. The strong interest and support received from many colleagues in Australia and worldwide has been greatly appreciated.

We are in the new stage of products and business development. If you would like to learn any more information, please stay in touch.

1.  General
New R&D in Property Location and Hazard Risk Analytics: A Transformative Journey from Desktop Computing to Cloud Computing (link)

2.  Web App on Exposure Analysis and Management
Releasing a New Web Mapping, Analysis and Reporting App on Exposure Management (link)

3.  Web APIs on Property Location and Hazard & Risk Information
Property Location Profile APIs Out of Beta (link)

4.  Hazard – Flood
Two Additional Tools to Advance Flood Risk Analytics at Scale in Australia (link)

5.  Hazard – Flood
Advancing Flood Risk Analytics with Location Profile APIs: Showcases (link)

6.  Hazard – Tropical Cyclones
Advancing Tropical Cyclone Risk Analytics with Location Profile APIs (link)

7.  Hazard – Bushfires
Advancing Bushfire Risk Analytics with Location Profile APIs: Showcases (link)

8.  Catastrophe Loss Modelling
Reducing Uncertainties in Catastrophe Loss Modelling: New Advances (link)

9.  Web Mapping with High-resolution Elevation Data
New Tile Maps on Terrain and Hydrology: Part 1 (Enriching Google Maps) (link)

10.  Earth Observation and Image Analysis
Monitoring Major Events with Global Earth Observation and Geospatial Big Data Analytics: 10+ New Examples (link)