BigData Earth is an R&D company creating innovative Location-centric Business Applications with Geospatial Big Data Analytics, Global Earth Observation and Cloud Computing. Its mission is to turn Big Data into Smart Data and Location Insights that are essential for informed decision making.

New Products and Services

Main Applications: Property location information, emergency & insurance, the news media, etc.
Coverage: Australia, the U.S., China & other regions

– Building cloud-based big data and analytics platforms
– Creating address-level property location profile reports
– Developing unique hazard and exposure investigation tools
– Creating new software for Earth observation image processing
– Developing a suite of timely information products from Earth observation
imagery to reports to animations in response to major events
– Delivering products via web APIs and web services

Location Profile APIs and Cloud-based Big Data Analytics Solutions Creating New Values

New Methods and Tools (Web APIs) for Innovative Exposure Analytics in Risk Management

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Advancing Bushfire Risk Analytics with Location Profile APIs and Web Services – 4 New Info Products

Advancing Flood Risk Analytics with Location Profile APIs and Web Services – 3 New Info Products

Advancing Cyclone Risk Analytics with Location Profile APIs and Web Services – 3 New Info Products

PropertyLocation.com.au – A New Portal for Making Address-level Property Location Profile Reports on the Cloud

Developing Exposure Location Profile Reports for Emergency & Insurance Applications: Australia Wide

Creating New Generation Property Location Profile Report – From Earth Observation to Metrics & Insights

PropertyLocation360.com – Making Property Location Profile Reports for the U.S. & Worldwide Sites

Three New Tools for Investigating Flood-prone Areas in the U.S. & Australia. Check the Importance of Data Quality on Elevation.

DoubleCheck: A Unique Location Accuracy Assessment Tool / Dataset for Parcel-level Geocoding

Rapid Location Analytics for the News Industry & Journalists Worldwide

Developing New Location Profile Report Specific to Agricultural Land & Large Sites Worldwide

High-resolution Vegetation Mapping and Quantification over 48 Contiguous U.S. States

Tens of Terabytes of Processed, Ready-to-use Imagery & Elevation Mosaics for the U.S. and Globe

More Heatwaves, Fires & Drought? Visualise Dangerous Warming Trends for Your Location

Approach: Knowledge- and Data-driven Analytics

Interruptive Technologies are pervasive and impact every line of business and all walks of life. Geospatial Revolution is advancing; Location Intelligence helps us make better decisions every day. By analysing large volumes of geospatial data from all sources, leveraging powerful open source software and modern Cloud Computing platforms, and constantly imagining, we develop creative, accessible information products, software tools, web APIs and applications for business professionals and the general public.

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Digital Earth & Geospatial Big Data Sources

High-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, digital elevation models, climate and weather, census, addresses, and many other thematic layers…

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Powerful Processing: Analytics, Modelling & Simulation

Advanced image processing and feature extraction, GIS, spatial data management, automation, Big Compute, visualisation, animation, web mapping…

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New & Innovative Business Applications

Property location information, natural hazards, risk assessment, news media, climate change impacts, precision agriculture, security & defence…

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