Global Imagery Mosaics & Basemaps

Satellite imagery and elevation shaded relief are arguably the most popular basemaps. Large-sized and easy-to-use mosaics containing trillions of pixels will redefine and be the norm of future digital mapping. They are available now and provide new opportunities for mapping integration, customisation and insights.

The global mosaic at 30m resolution is 1,000 more detailed than that at 1km resolution. One would be surprised to find out how easy, effective and productive it is to use the assiduously-prepared global mosaics (close to 1,000,000 X 1,000,000 pixels) in modern GIS operations. Expect the change and progress by orders of magnitude (in terms of computing time, quality improvement, data size, cost decrease and so on) and take the opportunity.

Mosaics Available

Excellent, uniquely-processed mosaics (30m-resolution world basemaps) in various styles are being offered.

Each imagery and elevation mosaic / basemap: image size 1,296,000 x 648,000 pixels; in popular, easy-to-use and GIS-ready JPEG2000 format (each compressed from 2.29 terabytes of data in raw binary)

Other Unique Basemaps (for Contiguous U.S. – 48 States)

Processed 1m-resolution, 2015/2014/2013 U.S. aerial imagery basemaps
(from ~180 terabytes of raw imagery data)