30 May 2019

In the previous blog, we reported a national flood risk analytics project that has produced a set of high-resolution tiled web maps on elevation contextual layers and terrain metrics, including contours, modelled surface water flow directions and shaded relief. These web maps are also complementary to desktop, web or mobile mapping, and in this blog we briefly demonstrate that the new contour web maps can be used to greatly enhance high-resolution imagery mapping.

The following suburbs from four states are selected, and respective results are shown in Figures 1-4 (click each figure for a full-resolution version).

  • Manly, New South Wales (urban)

  • Kuraby, Queensland (urban)

  • Kew, Victoria (urban)

  • Yallingup Siding, WA (rural)

Figure 1: Example of the new contour web maps (Manly, NSW; Zoom levels 16-20 displayed)

Figure 2: Example of the new contour web maps (Kuraby, QLD; Zoom levels 15-19 displayed)

Figure 3: Example of the new contour web maps (Kew, VIC; Zoom levels 16-19 displayed)

Figure 4: Example of new contour web maps (Yallingup Siding, WA; Zoom levels 16-19 displayed)

P.S.  All above examples are shown in a web app environment, where we have also highlighted handy on-screen digitising, editing and measurement tools (e.g. see Figures 1 and 4). If a user is interested in a very wide range of location profile metrics (on property location and hazard/risk info), on-the-fly analysis and reporting, in addition to online maps and imagery, please refer to another blog that details a web app with all these functions.


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