31 August 2018

This blog summarises some of our latest activities of monitoring, modelling and mapping major hazardous events with Earth observation and geospatial big data analytics, the two methods that are increasingly important and indispensable for a wide range of environmental studies.

We routinely apply our own advanced image analysis software (Spectral Discovery) and Location Profile APIs, together with fresh imagery from Sentinel-2, Landsat-8, MODIS and Sentinel-1 satellites, to develop a range of timely information products before sharing on social media with colleagues and the general public.

Major events analysed include wildfires, floods, landslides and volcanic eruptions taking place around the world during May and August 2018:

Wildfires (bushfires or forest fires)

  • Wildfires in California
    • #MendocinoComplexFire and #CarrFire (link)
    • #HolyFire (link)
    • #CountyFire (link)
    • #PawneeFire (link)
  • Wildfires in British Columbia, Canada (link)
  • Wildfires near Athens, Greece (link)
  • Wildfires in Southern Portugal (link)
  • Wildfires in Manchester, the UK (link)
  • Wildfires in Siberia, Russia (link)
  • Bushfires in Australia
    • Winter bushfires in NSW (link)
    • Planned hazard-reduction burns in South-western Sydney (link)
    • Bushfires near Darwin, Northern Territory (link)
    • Rockhampton, QLD (link)


  • Flooding in the south and west of Japan (link)
  • Flooding in Kerala, India (link)

Volcanic eruptions

  • Lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii (link)
  • Ongoing eruption of the Krakatau volcano (link)

Sample reporting


  • Unique Software Spectral Discovery to Easily and Rapidly Process Sentinel-2 Imagery (Link)